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Extra-curricular activities

Our school tries to present a wide variety of activities designed to promote social, physical, academic, and cultural development. The participation of students in any of these activities will help to develop their cognitive and social skills.

Wellbeing program

Colyton High School offers various programs run by our Community Partners, Fusion Youth, Bridging the Gap and Community Junction to support student wellbeing.

Fusion lunchtime program

This program is led by Youth Workers from Fusion, with the support of the Wellbeing Team to engage students in positive activities during lunch break.

Student voice team – student leadership

Student Voice is a student-led team that runs major events and initiatives across the school, having been established in 2020. The student voice team work on various projects for the school and community throughout the year and help bring about positive change and growth at Colyton High School and our local community.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program

 AIME provides a structured educational program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids to access throughout their high schooling experience.  AIME is an educational program that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through high school and into university, employment, or further education. The AIME program incorporates academic and Aboriginal cultural enrichment, life skills enhancement and exploration of higher education and other worthwhile post-school options.

School to Work (S2W)

The School to Work Program (S2W) is an education and employment program that utilises the positive profile of the game of Rugby League to support and encourage young Indigenous Australians to complete their schooling and successfully transition into further education or employment. S2W provides young Indigenous Australians with work experience, mentoring and leadership opportunities that lead to a successful outcome. The S2W Program is backed by an exceptional team of NRL Players, Clubs, staff, community, government and business supporters.

Aboriginal leadership 

Aboriginal Leadership is an aspect of the school’s Cultural Leadership. In this, the students assist in running whole school and community events throughout the year, communicate, practice and education their peers, staff and community on their Aboriginal culture and bring about a proud Aboriginal culture to Colyton High School.

Muru program & pathways for Aboriginal students

Guided by a TAFE NSW Aboriginal teacher, students will learn more about Aboriginal culture and identity through creative art and design. Students will be welcomed to the program with a yarning circle and introduced to TAFE NSW Aboriginal staff who will support them throughout the program.

Pasifika Team

The Pasifika Team is student led with the support of the Pasifika Teacher Team. Students in the Pasifika Team are given an opportunity to engage with community partners and participate in programs facilitated by the school PICLO. There are also opportunities for students to lead and teach cultural dances and run workshops to connect students to their culture and raise awareness of Pasifika in the school.

Dance ensemble

Colyton High School provides students with a keen interest in Dance to join the CHS Dance Ensemble. Students will have the opportunity to perform at community performance events, such as Synergy, and join the school's Bring It On Dance Crew. Dance practice and training times will take place during select Recess and Lunch times, as well as some added afternoon rehearsals nearing big events. Styles offered across these dance groups will include Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical/ Contemporary. Students are welcome to sign up and participate in a creative and supportive environment for all students, whether they are new to dance or have previous experience in these dance styles. Dance Ensemble is a group for students to express themselves in a positive space that is inclusive for all students.

Tabletop: Dungeon & Dragons

Tabletop Thursday: Gathering together in the library after school we delve into a session of Dungeons and Dragon's. Where players work together and roll dice to overcome trials and challenges in a collaborative setting. New players are welcome.

After school art skills

CAPA offers an after school art session which encourages students to learn new techniques and art skills. Students work on extension practical projects and have the freedom to work on their interests in art. Students have free range of materials available to them with the support and guidance of a teacher. It's a fun, relaxing and creative environment.

Japanese club

We explore Japanese cultural activities, discuss the latest anime and games on a weekly basis. Trying our hands at Origami and traditional Japanese games.